About Our Pre-School

At Montessori Africa we recognise each child’s uniqueness and individual developmental needs. We acknowledge the child and honour their intrinsic desire to learn through exploring beautifully prepared environments. We believe that the exploration of an environment conducive to learning, facilitates the emergence of a happy, balanced learner with a thirst for knowledge, a drive for life and its lessons, and someone who is not afraid to make mistakes. Our learners are encouraged to recognise and respect cultural differences and use his / her knowledge for the good of mankind.

The pre-school years serve as a foundation for the rest of the child’s academic journey and beyond. Our environment’s aim is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child to develop an excellent foundation for learning. The specific goals for the child are;

• To develop a positive attitude towards school
• To develop self-confidence
• To assist in building a habit of concentration (focus)
• To foster an abiding curiosity
• To develop habits of initiative and persistence 
• To foster inner security and sense of order

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Sharing a Passion for Learning,

a Love for Life and

Respect for all